Rosen & Saul Testimonials

Wonderful….Talented….Amazing….Inspiring.  This is how I would describe Jed and Pat, both as people and as teachers.  Attending the Forgiveness Training was the best training I ever attended, both on a personal as well as a professional basis.  The message of Forgiveness is powerful!  It has the capacity to improve the life of anyone who allows them self to be exposed to it.  Everyone should attend the training.  It is a way of living that everyone should follow.  It delivers the message for the future that is based on peace and hope.

David Feder

David Feder, BA, BSW, MSW, RSW
Social Worker in Private Practice
164 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 1G4
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"Pat's guidance and knowledge has helped tremendously in my path towards forgiveness. She has taught me to value and understand life's most difficult experiences. The journey has been one of healing, enlightenment and empowerment."

- Patient of Rosen & Saul