In the autumn of 2006, Fred Luskin Ph.D., author of Forgive for Good; and Jed Rosen, MSW, met at a workshop that Fred was conducting on the Psychology of Forgiveness. Now, Fred had much experience and knowledge in the topic of forgiveness. After all, he has pioneered forgiveness research at Stanford University, clearly demonstrating the physiological benefits of letting go. Fred also has a proven track record, applying his methodology in multiple situations, ranging from everyday concerns to geo-political conflicts. He even has been featured on major media outlets, journals and PBS. (

Fred, as the leading authority of Forgiveness, has generously passed onto Jed Rosen much of his knowledge and expertise in this area. Shortly thereafter, they joined forces and began to explore different avenues to deliver this most important topic to the public. Jed took the ball and ran with it! Jed applied Fred’s concepts to the therapist - patient dyad. He started using concepts like PERT (Positive emotion refocusing technique) with his patients and found interesting and exciting results. Patients were able to release their anxiety and worry, right before his eyes! These results prompted Jed to develop a forgiveness assessment process, which allows the therapist to help the individual let go of past hurts and be able to move on in their life. As a result, Jed has co-written many articles on the clinical application of forgiveness. In addition, Fred and Jed have developed and conducted Forgiveness Trainings Seminars, leading to a Certification in Forgiveness Training on a national level.

Ken Silvestri, Ed.D., a colleague of Jed’s was equally impressed with the work that Fred was doing. Ken listened to the stories of positive results that his friend, Jed had been relaying. Ken began to apply the concepts of forgiveness to an area that he was an expert on…family therapy. In addition,Ken has also explored the idea of strengthening one’s physical resilience though the application of forgiveness. Ken serves as a trainer for the Center. (

Patricia Saul, Ph.D. had attended the original conference in 2006, where Fred was speaking. Pat was also impressed with the work that Fred had accomplished and saw it’s parallel to the practice of yoga that Pat had studied and practiced for many years. She decided to integrate this topic into a course that she was teaching at the time on Positive Psychology. The students’ responses led her to integrate these concepts into her practice with young adults. As a clinician, Pat has looked at forgiveness from a feminine perspective. She serves as a clinical consultant to the Forgive for Good Center and a trainer in the Center’s Forgiveness Training Program. Pat and Jed are presently offering workshops to couples on forgiveness.

The Forgive for Good Center provides forgiveness education, in the form of workshops, talks, discussions and trainings to the public. The Center offers a Forgiveness Training Program that leads to Certification as a Forgiveness Trainer. This program is offered to professionals and lay persons from various disciplines. We welcome the opportunity to address your questions and comments about forgiveness.