Finding that which brings us peace

February 5, 2011
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We are so accustomed to attaining a certain predictable control over our daily lives through all four seasons and their varying changes of weather, that we are deluded into thinking that we have full control over our daily lives. In this severe winter of snow, wind, ice and rain, we are not as in control as we think we are. Mother Nature has emerged as our life coach. And she is teaching us how we are not “in charge.” She and her cohorts, Inclement Weather, humble us each time! At the start of our busy, active day, we are unable to guarantee things, our schedule, delivery of services, and or our plans. We are totally dependent on the whims of Mother Nature. Whether we acknowledge it or not, our struggle for control this winter is with Her.
As we try to accommodate Mother Nature’s Will, we apparently experience a battle within ourselves. The more that Mother Nature tries to slow us down; the more we turn our energies to override her!. We try to keep up with what we have planned for the day or week only to know that it will collapse and that we will have to give-up what we want for something else. What happens if we stop the battle? What happens if we don’t heed Mother Nature’s message?
If we stop the battle, we can then turn to the Wisdom of Mother Nature. This is a time of hibernation and turning inward… a time of rest and restoration….a time of reflective listening to ourselves and those we live with….a time of spiritual hopefulness. If we just are able to let go of our attachment to activities and our self-imposed pace of life and focus on staying still within ourselves and listening to our own intuitive voice, we may just be able to renew and rejuvenate, restore and re-create, re-charge our bodies as well as our minds and hearts. Turning inward implies finding that which brings us peace. Maybe we have our priorities all wrong!

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