Keeping the holiday peace within

December 8, 2010
posted by Admin

The holidays are a time when we reminisce; we take stock of where we have been in the past year and maybe, where we might be going. We celebrate the lives of loved ones who have died. We tend to re-commit to a new habit, plan, and resolve once again to do something different this coming year. However, as we rush around and buy gifts and decorate and purchase special foods, where is our mind? Where is our person? Where are we? Are we simply marching to the steps of the generation before us and holding to tradition mindlessly? Or is there perhaps a different way of “spending the holidays”, then striving for that perfect dinner or forgetting about everything and rushing off to vacation someplace warm? Are we paying attention to developing peace within ourselves?
Now, as a mental health professional, I could outline steps to get us to slow down, but the truth is we each have to see the need to slow down and want to slow down. Providing “steps” for any of us is simply an excuse to continue our rushing around and fitting stuff (gifts and activities) into our already overcrowded lives. No! “Steps” are not the answer!
So…it comes down to making a decision, to put aside daily time to take a walk in the cold weather, get up ten minutes earlier than normal, or sit by a fire. That is what it takes to search and find the gift within each of us.

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