Feeling overwhelmed?

November 7, 2010
posted by Admin

OMG! It has been almost three weeks since I have blogged! I have committed a grave sin. I know that in order for a blog to get acceptance from you the reader- visitor, I must blog like my life depends upon it! However the truth is that I am overwhelmingly busy. First, there were all of these family obligations…you know the kind that if say “No can’t make it!” you may never see that person again. Then, the computer and billing system failed! Can’t have a business without those two things working properly! Then, our beloved, Vicky, who takes care of every practical detail in our lives, took a surprise trip to her native country. Yikes!
What do you do when you are so overwhelmed that you can hardly function without worrying every second? (With the holidays coming up…this is an excellent question.) It took me awhile to figure out the answer.
The Answer is Breathe!
That’s it…that’s the answer! Breathe!
BREATHE! Inhale and Exhale! Slowly! One deep, long, slow breath at a time! Don’t worry you are not going to fall into a hypnotic state or lose your edge! Just listen to your breath. Breathing in and Breathing out!
What does this have to do with feeling overwhelmed? Breathing forces us to slow down and BE in the present moment! It just does! If you take 5 breaths …say inhaling and exhaling, one complete breathing cycle, breathing 5 times a day, throughout your day….starting with waking up and ending with going to sleep at night and you actually pay attention to the feeling of breathing….Your life will begin to feel more manageable and it is this feeling that will help you tap into a sense of being thankful that you are even alive!

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