Realizing one’s strengths

August 23, 2010
posted by Admin

           Like my partner, Jed, I too am on vacation.  Vacation offers us a lot of opportunities to slow down and think about our lives—what we have accomplished in our recent past and what we long for in our lives.  I actually have found myself feeling very grateful for what has happened in my life thus far…family, health and a thriving business practice.

         The thriving business thing….   I don’t really quite fully understand how it is where I have become a successful psychotherapist.  I realize that some of this is luck; you know meeting the right people at the right time, handling the referrals with the respect they deserve.  But when I really take a look at why I am successful I have to own the fact that I work hard at making people feeling comfortable.  I work hard at getting people to talk about what they feel is important.  I trust that the person sitting opposite me will come up with the answers that they need in life.

        Although at the time a patient may not realize it, they have many strengths from which to draw upon.  In my office, I want to point these strengths out to my patient and I want her to own and use these strengths on a daily basis.   As a matter of fact, you would be amazed at how much therapy is similar to high quality parenting.  To raise a child properly, a parent must select and draw out strengths in his/her child; the same is true for therapy.  I find over time, that a patient’s functioning self actually gets stronger and the person becomes naturally more resilient, if she notices her strengths and appreciates them.

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