Becoming a Warrior Through Forgiveness

August 8, 2010
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Becoming a Warrior Through Forgiveness

          If you practice forgiveness, you will experience a greater sense of peace and happiness.  You will find that you have far more energy to devote to your loved ones and to your activities.  However, just when it seems that you settled into a happy existence, life steps in and throws you a blow or setback!  All of a sudden forgiveness can feel inadequate to the task!

          After attending a recent forgiveness workshop, Barry felt his life and his relationships were much more rewarding.  He had been practicing the art of forgiveness daily.   That was until he learned that his two siblings cheated him out of a lot of money in the family business!

          Jill was popular in her neighborhood, her house was “the house” all the kids and families would gather round to play and hang-out!  She was naturally spontaneous to others and jumped at chances to help her friends.  Until one morning, when she woke up and while looking for a friend’s phone number in her husband’s cell phone, she discovered a few very personal texts from a co-worker, Jeanette.

          Sue felt at the peak of her life after achieving all the success she had ever dreamed of as a rising lawyer in a top firm.  She had been dragging and tired most days and chalked it up to working too hard!  Her husband urged her to go to the doctor.  Sue reluctantly went and a few days later, learned she had breast cancer.  She didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help.

          Life situations can present some confusing challenges for those who practice forgiveness.  In each example, life was moving along smoothly until each person got hit with some overwhelming blast!  None of them are in a position to forgive anything or anyone!  They are shocked, hurt and helpless!  And yes, in the midst of all of this emotional drama they are angry!

          In his life crisis how will Barry tap into his anger to find the strength to move forward?   Like Barry, we all must marshal our anger to face the adversity squarely and fight it!  When our safety, well being or protecting what we love may be lost forever, we must get angry and use our anger to advocate for ourselves.

          We are hardwired with the capacity to forgive and to fight! There are times in life where either skill, forgive or fight is required to keep us safe, protected and thriving.  To fight when there is no threat to us is uselessly destructive.  If we forgive when we should be fighting, it is equally destructive!  Barry cannot attempt to forgive his siblings right now, he is being cheated out of money!  Jill must confront her husband for his obvious infidelity and Sue needs to marshal all of her resources for the fight of her life.  After they have assertively met their challenges, then they will be plenty of time for forgiveness.

          Nature has endowed us with the power to forgive and the power to fight.  The healthy person becomes practiced at both abilities.  The person who masters forgiveness knows how to be a warrior.

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