Aftermath of Sandy

November 27, 2012
posted by Admin

So it was not the results of this past presidential election that connected all of us, but rather the Frankenstorm that took out Halloween on the east coast that drew us together on a most human level. Why is it that we take for granted simple pleasures – like heat, food and hot water? It isn’t until we no longer have these readily available to us that we realize their importance. The same is true for our shared humanity. As we turn on the 4, 5, 6, or 11 o’clock news we stare at the images of neighbors huddled together over a makeshift fire in someone’s driveway trying to stay warm. If we allow ourselves to go there in our minds, we recognize that we could be huddled with them. That we are them! We are the lucky ones! We are the ones that escaped Sandy’s wrath. The wind just didn’t destroy our home in the same way that it destroyed their’s. The water by our home just happened to recede more quickly then those who were flooded out! The occasion of Hurricane Sandy presented us with a level of awareness that is not to be missed – we are all vulnerable and through our vulnerability connected to one another.

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