Consider change as an invitation to freedom

September 21, 2011
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The temperature outside drops! The leaves change their colors! Squirrels hide their nut-food in the soil. Autumn is here! It is the changing of the seasons – the time to look at our own response to change and transitions.
Like nature, life is in a constant state of change! The seasons, the weather, the political environment even our immediate home environment is ripe for continual change. I believe it is our human nature to fight change! We kick and scream, like the kindergartener or First grader who doesn’t want to go to school and leave the safety of home and mom and dad. Or what about the middle aged female that goes and receives Botox injections, because the idea of having and seeing wrinkles on her face upset her. She doesn’t want to realize she is getting older. Or what about the college kid who gets sick right before going off to college. Or the middle-aged male who spends a great deal of money on a hot car or motorcycle and ignores the reality of his own aging reflexes. There is no difference between the kindergartener, the middle-aged female, the college kid or the middle-aged male.
How if we see change as an invitation to grow and learn more about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our hopes and dreams? How if we see the demand for change as a call to pay attention to something more important than our need in the moment?
Change expands our minds and hearts. It opens us, like the opening of an oyster to reveal the translucent beauty of a pearl. It is the feeling one receives when they are driving to something they want to do and a rainbow unexpectedly appears in the sky. There is the potential for a serendipitous adventure if we open to that moment and not fight what we fear is coming.
So the next time you notice a red, orange or yellow leaf falling from a tree or the sun setting or you notice that your child has grown an inch this summer realize in that special moment that change is in the air and is inviting you to learn about your reaction to it!

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