In the moment summer

July 13, 2011
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It is mid-July. The summer has flown by along with the spring. Both clouds and rain swept away the Spring flowers. Was I not watching the action? Had I fallen asleep at the wheel of my life during this time? Why was I not enjoying what was right in front of my face when Spring was there in all of its glory. Do I realize that life is in the details of the moment? When I thoughtlessly toss those details away then there really isn’t much else to enjoying life . This is a true lesson on enjoying the detail of the moment in the moment when it occurs. I cannot replace or resurrect the Spring, but I can look for those precious few moments that exist in this an eternal Summer.
So let me share with you a few joys that may inspire you to more deeply enrich the humdrum routine of your summer days.
• A two year old building a sand castle in his sandbox and sticking two twigs in the top of it. He then sang Happy Birthday to his Grandmother who lives far away, but whose birthday he remembered.
• A 11 year old excited about being “ungrounded” after her parents admitted that maybe three months of “grounding” was a little extreme for a child in this age group and that the punishment was too extreme.
• A packed shore-line of beach goers enjoying the beautiful, sunny, luscious summer day with just the right temperature water.

So now, go out and look for and enjoy your own summer moments!

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