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You do me Proud!

March 5, 2011
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There is something about the splendour of a human birth that brings out the best in all of us. Our witness of this event makes us hopeful and bold! We “ooh” and “ah” at this tiny human specimen, that resembles something of our past, present and future all in a blast of one moment of viewing. Recently, when one of our children gave birth to a “beautiful” 6 pound baby boy, we felt a surge of pride for this little guy, who appears single-handedly to want to take on the world. In all of his innocence and vulnerability, he lifts our spirits and gives us hope!
Think about it for a moment. Logically, there are probably a zillion reasons why a couple should not bring a child into this world. Poverty, pollution, war, famine, domestic violence, amber alerts, declining educational systems, bullying….I will stop here. There are so many negative energies in the universe that push against the wind and the drive/motivation and desire to have a child. Yet when the season is ripe and the desire is strong, couples push to either impregnate, surrogate or adopt! They just do it! Bravely, they block out the stark reality of sleepless nights and months of the physical labor of active parenting and the consistent, bad news of universal events and make this daring decision to bear a child and parent him or her. And they make this decision in the light of not having been fully parented themselves. They push back! They push-on – blazing their own trail, willing to make their own mistakes, not knowing what major or minor obstacles that lie ahead in this daunting task of parenting.
We take this step for granted! We assume that having a child, starting the next generation is a given. We automatically believe that our child should want a child of their own in the way that we wanted them. It very well maybe a mystery or over-riding biological drive or the delicate mixture of both that thrusts two adults to take on this awesome task!
So, the next time a mom, dad, grandparent, nanny with a baby in a stroller, backpack, sling or crib, comes across your path, absorb like a sponge, the wonder and hope of this unique, precious, sleepy or crying treasure! Kudos to brave parents everywhere, who cherish life enough to take this most dangerous, exhausting, exhilarating, and unknown step to raise a child in a world where danger lurks. You give us hope and you do us Proud!


March 4, 2011
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Do you wake up in the morning filled with dread or a quiet terror that the day is starting? Do you think it will pass if you jump out of bed and start your day? Or are you more likely to cover your head with the blankets or pillow and hoping and pretending that the morning has not quite arrived yet? Do you fear going to a party or traveling in unknown places? Do you fear new situations or illness or bugs? All of these fears can be generally listed under “anxiety.” The way I look at it you are either an anxious person or you are not. So for all of those anxious people out there…the reality is if you “cope” translate
“live with” your anxiety here are a list of antidotes that I recommend you try. None of these are new ideas, as I don’t believe I have to re-invent the wheel. But these are tried and true ways of correcting or distracting oneself from one’s own worries. This is not a complete list. But pick out one activity and run an experiment on yourself. You don’t even have to tell your therapist you are doing it. Just pick out one and try it.

So here’s the list to combat stress and anxiety and worries or whatever ails you in that category.

1. Relaxation Exercises: this is includes visualization, guided imagery and providing a safe place for your body and brain to relax for a short period. The goal is to slow down your breathing.

2. Breathing. Try taking a breath, long and slow. And then take another. Try to slow your breathing down breath by breath!

3. Take a beginning yoga class locally. Try a community yoga class.

4. Meditate! Put aside 5 minutes at night or first thing in the morning to sit still and listen to your breathing and clearing your mind!

5. Try to be creative. Paint, draw, sing, play an instrument, sculpt, mold. Do something that makes you feel highly inventive.

6. Learn how to relax your muscles. Lie down and as you follow your breath, scan your body with your mind’s eye and relax each area of your body section by section.

7. Plan a week or a weekend away! Don’t break the bank! Make it simple! Enjoy!

8. Listen to music that sings to your heart and calms your brain.

9. Find a pet and pet it! This experience releases endorphins that make us feel better.

10. When was the last time you experienced the feeling of getting your hands dirty in great, rich soil? Planting anything will ground you to the earth and return you to your rightful self.

11. Massage – We don’t utilize this approach to healing enough. One good massage can cure, and I mean cure a list of ills including our anxious self. If all you can handle is a sit-up back massage, try it. But it must be with trained someone that you can consistently trust.

12. Biofeedback.

13. Is the same old schedule boring you? Change it up….throw in a lunch with a friend or take an unplanned 20 minute walk.

14. When was the last time you walked through nature? No explanation needed here.

15. Practice Gratitude. Thank someone for something!

16. Practice Forgiveness. Whatever hurt you are holding onto is preventing you from living the rest of your life.

17. Water, water, water! Swimming in it, dreaming about it, walking along it… all good!

This list is not complete in and of itself. Certainly, professionals can medicate all of us into comatose states if that is what is needed. We need to discipline ourselves to utilize other natural means available to us. Happy searching for what works!